Promoting a well-informed public dialogue on tax and public expenditure issues.


The Equality State Taxpayers Association is the only association in Wyoming representing taxpayers concerned about governmental spending and responsible assessment practices for residential, commercial and agricultural property. We are committed to the protection and advancement of citizens’ rights, including the right to equitable, fair, just and limited taxation.

ESTA serves its members by promoting responsible government through independent analysis of public expenditures and taxation policies.

ESTA’s primary objective is to urge government at all levels to utilize efficiency and economy in providing government services. ESTA intends to be heavily engaged in any area where public finance policy is determined.

Information on tax and spending issues is provided at no cost to ESTA members.

Members can count on individualized attention to and research on specific tax questions.

ESTA advocates a change in Wyoming law to the Acquisition method from the Ad Valorem method for value on residential property, which would hold the valuation at acquisition price.