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No-Bid Contracts Contribute to Budget Shortfall

Suit has been filed in Wyoming’s First Judicial District calling for the judicial examination of contracting practices with respect to the Capitol Square Project, but also, the general contracting practices by the State of Wyoming. The suit claims that the Wyoming Legislature has shown a pervasive disregard of the competitive bidding requirements of Article 3, Section 31 of the Wyoming Constitution and the procurement statutes.

This disregard for the competitive bidding requirements of Wyoming law exposes the public to the risk of not receiving competitively priced goods and services, the risk of crony capitalism, graft and corruption flourishing inside of state government, and risking the compromise of the integrity of government and the citizens’ trust in government. The complaint seeks to obtain rulings on constitutional questions and to correct government practices working widespread harm on the citizens of Wyoming.

Additional information on the suit is available at

Read the amended complaint here.


A December 26 letter to the editor in the Casper Star-Tribune challenges the State of Wyoming to “seek the greatest value for their citizens when spending revenue generated through the taxation of its citizens” – a position the ESTA wholeheartedly supports.