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New State Auditor Kristi Racines Embraces The Transparency Revolution: American Transparency and Equality State Taxpayers Association Receive 6 years of State Checkbook Expenditures

Applaud Auditor Racines for opening the books. Wyoming’s new State Auditor Kristi Racines has produced six-years of state checkbook expenditures to and Equality State Taxpayers Association. The production included all public state spending transactions, along with the requested vendor file. This production fully satisfied the open records request that was the subject of litigation… Continue Reading

Wyoming Supreme Court Opinion on Capitol Renovation

The Wyoming Supreme Court has rendered an opinion on the lawsuit filed by Treasurer Gordon concerning the Capitol Square project.  The court ruled that the legislation concerning the project was unconstitutional on its face and ordered the District Court to proceed according to the Supreme Court ruling.  The order was a strongly worded order to… Continue Reading

No-Bid Contracts Contribute to Budget Shortfall

Suit has been filed in Wyoming’s First Judicial District calling for the judicial examination of contracting practices with respect to the Capitol Square Project, but also, the general contracting practices by the State of Wyoming. The suit claims that the Wyoming Legislature has shown a pervasive disregard of the competitive bidding requirements of Article 3, Section 31… Continue Reading

ESTA Opposes House Bill 162, Joint Resolution 007

The Equality State Taxpayers Association opposes the passage of Wyoming House Bill 162 and House Resolution 007, both of which propose increases in property taxes for Wyoming taxpayers. ESTA opposes tax increases and instead advocates for reductions in unnecessary or excess spending, including adherence to a competitive bid process that would reduce costs for government projects.… Continue Reading