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Revenue Meeting is coming up October 2nd and 3rd in Casper, Wyoming 2023.

For everyone interested in Property Taxes and what is going to happen next, this is the meeting you do not want to miss! The acquisition study is out and it is not being shared timely to us the taxpayers who paid the bill for the study. Meet us all at the following address:

10/2/2023 – 10/3/2023
8:30 AM
Casper College Music Building, Wheeler Concert Hall
1451 Lisco Dr.
Casper, Wyoming

Tell all of your friends and neighbors to come and stand in support of tax reform in our great state of Wyoming.

Equality State Taxpayers Supports WY House Bill 127

This appropriation would be used to financially assist elderly and disabled individuals by providing an annual rebate of sales and use taxes, property taxes and utilities/energy costs. The appropriation will also be expended for costs associated with the program administration, including salary, benefits, and support costs for three positions to administer the program. Those eligible… Continue Reading

Wyoming Supreme Court Opinion on Capitol Renovation

The Wyoming Supreme Court has rendered an opinion on the lawsuit filed by Treasurer Gordon concerning the Capitol Square project.  The court ruled that the legislation concerning the project was unconstitutional on its face and ordered the District Court to proceed according to the Supreme Court ruling.  The order was a strongly worded order to… Continue Reading